Choosing your own exercise for weight loss
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Choosing your own exercise for weight loss

Exercises play an important part in your weight loss regime. Not all excercises are liked by each and every person. Some people hate getting up early in the morning, some people dont prefer the idea of going to a gym etc.

Main thing to keep in mind is that, whatever exercise you choose you should like it. if you choose something that you dont like then you generally end up leaving it. Hence your exercise regime goes for a toss.

Mose simple and basic exercise is walking. Walking is an amazing eercise which is suitable for all types of people. You just have to walk . Anyone can start walking at anytime , what matters is the till what time and with what speed you walk. Walking is also a social exercise, as it isnt difficult to find a training partner to chat with while you exercise. Walking with a partner also makes time pass faster.

If you dont like walking then, you can start of with a local gym or fitness center. These places have a variety of exercise programs depending on your weight loss targets and body type. They would also be able to clear any doubts that you have regarding any particluar exercise.

Whatever exercise you choose, its good to start your exercise on a light note and then slowly increase it over a couple of weeks period. If you start off too jumpy, you could end up with an injury which might put off your exercise on hold for some time.

If neither going to gym nor walking entices you for your weight loss program, you can opt for swimming, golf or tennis. If you are just starting off, swimming or golf could be good choices for you as they are mild to start with and do not stress your body like tennis does.