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How I reached my goal weight using beta switch program!

I had struggled with weight issues with weight my entire life. I was always a chubby teenager but as I grew older I put on more and more weight every year. I was teased by the kids at my school and rarely went out on dates. As a result, I had extremely low self-confidence and terrible body image. I used to hate going shopping because I felt nothing fit me. I tried every way possible to lose weight from weight loss pillsto extremely rigid weight loss programs. But, Nothing seemed to work.

The weight loss diet that I was on was taking a huge toll on my health. I barely ate throughout the day and felt tired all day long. Even though I was so weak, I had to work out rigorously at the gym. I lost a few pounds here and there but always put it on as soon as I stopped working out. I was frustrated of the constant cycle of weight loss and weight gain. I needed a long term solution that told me how to reduce weightthat actually worked.

One day I met one of my friends from the gym at the mall. She had stopped coming there a while back and eventually we had lost contact. She had lost a lot of weight and looked great! I assumed she had joined a new gym or was on one of the many diet plans for women. Imagine my surprise when I found out that she had been practicing a program called ‘The Beta Switch.’ She was all praises about the program and claimed that the best thing she had ever done was quit the gym and get on Sue’s plan. We had quite a similar body type so I decided to try my luck with the program too.

The more I read about ‘The Beta Switch’, the more it seemed to make sense to me. Most of my body weight was distribute in my hips and thigh area and that was the stubborn fat that was refusing to go away. When I started to see results so soon in my own body, I realized all that I had been doing wrong. I was triggering the thyroid hormones with my effort for quick weight loss all along! With this program , I learnt how to switch on my body’s Beta Switch and facilitate healthy weight loss. I had to work out only half as much as I used to and I could eat a healthy and nutritious diet. I was looking and feeling great!
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This plan is great for people who have excess weight in and around their lower body. The weight loss tips for women have helped me reduce my weight by 23 pounds within a month. The best thing about the plan was that included the list of precise weight loss foods that I could enjoy and which I should avoid. It also helped me realized that the amount of exercise should be a lot lesser in order to be effective. The only con that I can think of is that you have to be dedicated to the program for a few weeks in order to see the results. But, that is a small price to pay to reach your dream weight!