How to Stop Snacking
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How to Stop Snacking

Cutting down on snacking is important if you want to lose weight and this is a thing that many fail to change. Snacks seem small and insignificant but in the end of the day they add up and eventually diet plan and a new figure can be failed.

Stopping snacking in workplace is hard, especially if you work in the environment where everything is against your diet plan – office for example.

Challenge number one in the office is chocolates and other tasty things we can’t refuse brought by our male colleagues. Only resolution to this problem I see in sacking them so we are not tempted but that would be too cruel.

Also, our vending machine does not help me to stay away from snacking at work. Very often (every day almost) a sugar rich fizzy drink and a chocolate bar at least are purchased from that evil machine making my goal of having a better body less reachable.

Research have revealed that $45 a month are spent on snacks every month by average person and I’m pretty sure that I do more than that and thing that makes me worried is that these snacks are 100% unhealthy and calorie rich. To help me in my battle with snacking at work, my friend who lost her weight gave me few tips. They are:

First advice is to remain calm if something goes wrong. You probably have noticed that when you’re stressed you want to eat something and usually it’s something unhealthy. Proper planning at work should help reduce these kinds of stress situations.

Two. Stock fruits on your desk. These will make a perfect and totally healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks and every time I’ll crave for something to chew, I won’t have to go anywhere.

Third advice is to be busy at work to keep your thoughts off snacking. Not only your figure and weight loss plan will benefit but also you might be noticed by your boss and as a hard working employee.

Four. Get a natural appetite suppressant. Fruits are great but if I need something stronger to fight my snacking my friend suggested Hoodia appetite suppressants which are natural. Hey, and I can spend my snacking money on something that will help me to lose weight.

These tips are simple and I hope to stop snacking at work and lose weight by following them.